Become an University Ambassador

Who is the University Ambassdor?

This student will act like an antenna for Talentcir in the University. The Ambassador will act as a liaison between their University offices and the Students’Associations. The objective of this liaise is to provide first-hand information from Talentcir to the students and from the students to Talentcir.  This information will help Talentcir to better serve the students and provide better opportunities and chances for them to easily locate jobs upon graduation and also to find internship opportunities. The University Ambassador will also provide Information that will help Talentcir organize company visits, campus recruitment, career task and other career-oriented activities.


Scope of Work for University Ambassadors

The scope of operation will be limited to the University registered, meaning Ambassadors will focus on one University and manage the activities of Talentcir is that said University.

  • Be responsible for promoting our platform in the university and take care of the data collection.

  • Providing the date collection of the international students which includes but not limited to University name, Nationality, Major.etc

  • Organize online and offline events, Promoting in the international students forums or groups.etc

  • Work with the marketing and sales team to reach the international students recruitment target and help with solving the problems related to the international students.

  • Establish the good cooperation with the university and build a strong and stable way of international students recruitment and develop university ambassador assistant to work with.

  • Design recruitment plan or strategy in your university

Be an University Ambassador, you must

  • Be an International student in China and work in international student organization preferred. 

  • Study in the university in China and is active among international students.

  • Prefer the candidate who will stay in the university for more than 1 year.

  • Marketing , PR ,HR working related experience

  • Have very strong relationship with the international students (International student organization ) as well as the international student department in your university

Benefits of Being a University Ambassador

  • Ambassadors will have priority to be recommended for job positions and Internship opportunities available from companies we work with.

  • All Ambassadors will have Reference letters for this role.

  • Ambassadors will gain practical experience dealing with University Hierarchy and University Associations

  • Ambassadors will benefit from free business trips and Company visits organized by Talentcir.

  • Talentcir will sponsor events/activities in your University.

  • Ambassadors have a chance for future collaborations and job opening from Talentcir

  • Ambassador will learn Skills like people management, reporting, and event management.

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