Safety in Job Application Process


When you are applying for internships or job on our platform, there will be 3 main stages during the hiring process. They are 

1. Job Search and Application,

2. Interview and meeting

3. Offer Confirmation and Contract 

Below are some helpful tips on how to protect yourself against fraud during the hiring process. 

Job Application

You will be submitting a Résumé (CV) and Cover Letter to the company you are applying for.  But you should keep in mind that only use trustworthy websites for your job hunting and Your email and telephone number are to be given at your own risk when you are applying for the job offers; You can communicate with the employer within the talentcir. com platform or Wechat Platform in order to stay in touch, which allows you to avoid giving out personal contact information. And when you are applying online or working with agency, make sure that you have clarify with them and they cant use your personal information such as picture, video or resume in public unless you give them your permission.

Interviews and Meeting

A face to face interview or meeting is very necessary if you and the company are in the same city, If not, Wechat ,Skype or over a phone call is also important to make sure that the employer is not a fraud.  Doing the face to face interview, meeting in the company is highly recommended. And if you are doing a Video interview, make sure that you can see the office or the working environment in the video. And make sure you can see the interviewer’s face live in real-time and that it matches with a publicly listed profile on Wechat, Weibo, LinkedIn or the company website. Before arranging any interview with the company, a research about the company is very necessary. It not only helps you to know the position and the company better but also get more reviews about the company  If you know Chinese or have Chinese friends , you can check the company by an APP Qichacha( ). Verifying the legitimacy of the employer is extremely important at the stage of finalizing employment.

Finalization Your Job Offer

The last stop is finalizing your offer with them.  And there are many things to be prepared when you are finalizing your employment : The contract.  You need to verify the working time as well as the remuneration package and also your responsibilities in the role.  After signing the contract and in the process of your visa application, you can share your personal information with them, like a passport. Degree copy and other important files.  Lastly, your employer should never ask you for payment or deposit for working with them.  Be careful of working with any company that ask you to pay first before working. This is a very strong indicator of fraud. DOES NOT not ask candidates to pay any fees on its platforms in order to help avoid fraud. 


Please be mindful throughout the hiring process and focus on maintaining security of your personal information every step of the way.

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