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Visa is a question that is very frequently asked by expats in China. And it is considered as one of the biggest obstacle for foreigners to come to China. In this article, we are going to talk about different types of visa to China. And we will mainly focus on 3 types of visas, one is working visa , Internship visa and Entrepreneurship visa.

Working Visa (Z visa )

Z visa is known as Chinese work visa which is issued to foreigners who will come to China for a paid job offer or to undertake commercial entertainment performances in China.

Who can apply for working visa to China?

There are several levels of Z visa in China, but mostly used for foreigners are Level B working visa.  For applying for this visa, you will have to be

1) BA or above degree holder

2) 2 years related working experience at least after graduation. If you are applying for teaching job in China and you are from English native speaking countries, 2 years of working experience is not necessary but you need to have TEFL certificate.

3) Don't have any criminal record.

How to Apply for China Work Visa

You can go to the Chinese embassy, consulates or other diplomatic missions in person for application. You can also have a friend, a travel agency or visa agency to act on your behalf. There is no need to make an appointment. Mailed applications are not acceptable. And you can also go to Chinese Visa Application Centers in your country to submit the application.

How long is the duration of stay of Chinese Z visa?

Z visa itself only allows a stay duration of 30 days from the date of arrival in China, during which time you and your employer must seek a Residence Permit for the duration of your contract, to a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 5 years.  Without a residence permit, you can only in China for 30 days. So after you come to China with Z visa, you will have to ask your employer to change your working visa into work permit and resident permit in 30 days. And also remember to do the temporary residence registration in 24 hours in the local police station.

What is the age limit for Z visa application?

The age limit is 18 - 60 for all applicants. But in some cities, the age can be different, it can be not older than 65 years old.

China Work Visa Requirements & Documents

1. Passport : Applicant's valid actual passport with at least six months before expiry and at least one blank page left in it.

2. Application Form: One accurately and truthfully completed China Work Visa Application Form.

3. Recent Photo: One recent passport standard photo affixed to the Application Form.

4. Non Criminal Checking Record (You can do it after coming to China, but you need to submit a health situation guarantee letter when you are applying for working permit online)

5 .Degree Authorization

6. At least 2 years working reference letter

With all these documents, your employer can submit to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC and you will get a work permit.  

How to transfer working visa from one employer from another one?

In some cases, if you are changing the jobs in same industries and having the similar responsibilities, you can mostly transfer inside China, but if you are changing your role to a very different role or company, you will be required to go abroad to transfer.

Employee needs to provide at beginning:

1. Original Passport with valid work visa (visa better still valid over 30 days)

2. Resume

3. Original bachelors or higher degree certificate and authentication letter (If your degree is issued in China, there will be no need to authenticate)

4. Original official police clearance certificate(Non criminal checking record) from your home country

6. Employer A needs to cancel your working permit and give you an original cancel certificate (from government) and a recommendation /leaving letter from them.

7. 3 Passport Photographs

10. Original and Copy of the Registration Form Of Temporary Residence

11. Original medical check report (You can book online)

Company needs to provide at beginning:

1. Company’s updated Business License copy

2. Company Approval Certificate or Record certification copy (only for foreign investment company)

3. Application form

Notice: For extra documents that might be needed, you should ask your employer to call the local administration of foreign experts affairs. Policies are different from cities. Sometimes it can be a very fast and smooth process, sometime is can be an ages last nightmare. Be ready for it.

Internship visa(X1 visa with internship permit or S2 visa)

If you are holding a X1 visa in China, You can most probably apply for an internship permit to do your internship legally. This option is valid both for part-time job or internship without payment. This visa is only working for students with X1 visa not X2 visa . The internship permit is quite easy to apply if your university is really supporting you with all necessary documents you need. Here are the  Steps and documents needed:

• Submit an internship application to your university.

• Get approval and go to the Entry and Exit Office the city’s main Public Security Bureau to update the residence permit with details of the internship host companies.

• Once done, the student should then go to the Entry and Exit Office the city’s main Public Security Bureau to update his residence permit with details on the place he will be working or interning at and the period of time that he will be employed for.

S2 Visa

S2 visa is for short term personal matters. There are 2 groups of foreigners that can apply for S2 visa.

1. Foreigners coming to Shanghai for a short term visit and whose family members hold residence permit in Shanghai

2. Students enrolled in enrolled in universities abroad and are invited for internships by enterprises and institutions in Shanghai.(remarked with "intern")

We will mainly provide information to the second group of foreigners

• Students enrolled in universities abroad and are invited for internships by enterprises and institutions in Shanghai

• Where to apply: Shanghai

• Requirements:

1. Enrollment certificate from university abroad

2. Business license of Internship Host company

3. Internship acceptance letter

4. Schedule for Internship

Length of Internship: No more than 180 days

Applicants can switch into S2 visa in Shanghai directly.

Notes: Internship host companies must be in Shanghai.

Entrepreneurship Visa 

This visa is getting very popular recently. It’s a very good new visa for those who want to stay in China to work or doing business but without 2 years working experience.

What is Entrepreneurship Visa ?

Entrepreneurship Visa is also called FWV Visa (Freelance Work Visa)

The Entrepreneurship Visa, also known as a residence permit for personal affairs with an annotation of "entrepreneurship", is a preferential policy launched by the local government to give foreigners easier entry access to Shanghai and China, with the aim of attracting more foreigners to work and start up businesses in the city.

What is Entrepreneurship Visa for?

The policy targets overseas students who have just graduated from Chinese universities and are willing to start up businesses in Shanghai, foreigners who plan to invest or start up businesses in Shanghai, and foreigners who graduated from top Chinese and overseas universities in less than two years and have started up businesses in Shanghai.

What is required for Entrepreneurship Visa ?

All applicants have to be in China for applying for this visa.

1.   Passport Page copy

2.   All China visa page copies

3.   Authenticated and translated BA/MA degree

4.   Health Check Report (Need to do in China)

5.   Temporary Residence Registration

7.   Business plan

8.  2*2  Photo

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