How to Make an Attractive Resume?


There are so many facts that can affect your job application. How to write the email for your application . What Subject should you use ? How to avoid your email going to the junk folder? And how to make a good resume to leave an impact on the recruiter. Here are the tips for making an attractive resume.

Choose the Best Resume Type

There are many different resume types that you can use to make your own resume. It depends on your personal circumstances, choose a chronological, functional, combination, or a targeted resume. Taking the time to choose the best type of resume for your situation is well worth the effort. 

Keep it Short and Legible

It may be tempting to include all your skills, high school accolades, internships and more in your résumé, but it’s recommended to keep it brief – especially for fresh graduates. HRs normally don’t have time to read every single word or browse through all your resume pages. They prefer something they can easily scan, so try to keep your resume in one page if possible.And try to use bullet points instead of lengthy sentences, and keep your biodata as short as possible. You can also tailor your information for each job you’re applying for, removing certain achievements that don’t fit, leaving you more space to embellish on the relevant ones. 

Keep it Focused

It's important not to include extraneous information on your resume. Please try to make sure that your resume should focus on the skills and attributes that qualify you for the job. It will be helpful to leave out anything that won’t help you get the job you want. 

Emphasize Your Contact Info Section Visually

It is widely known, and sad fact, that recruiters apparently spend just six measly seconds reviewing your resume. To make sure that your resume gets picked out of the crowd, and keeping those six seconds in mind, it’s better to put a lot of visual emphasis on your contact information section to attract their attention. 

Use Fun Design Elements In Moderation 

While design elements such as flat icons, images, and bright colors could help your resume stand out from the pack – using too many can cause a visual overload in the viewer and could actually distract from the actual purpose of the resume. And one more important thing . When you send your application out to the employer, remember to use the right Subject and right content in the email. Never never just send you resume without saying anything. If you do so , you email will be in trash bin in a second.

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