How to Set Up an Internship Project in Your Company?


For companies looking for interns, the best candidates aren’t always located at the neighborhood, or even in China. Within more international students in China or coming to China, hiring global interns could be a best fit for your company’s global strategy. Internship programs offer tremendous benefits to businesses in terms of increasing productivity and recruiting well-suited staff members — especially in small- to medium-sized organizations.

If you want to start an internship program, the following tips could be a guideline to help you. Just like setting up any other programs, the steps are similar: doing research and evaluation, making plan and preparation, and put the plan into effect.

Research & Evaluation

Before you take any action, the key to a successful internship program is to have clear picture of both your companies and target interns.

Two aspects to consider about your future interns are the internship arena and their college credit. Questions are asked frequently, such as:

    ● What exactly is an internship?

    ● What generation your target interns belong to?

    ● What are interns looking for in a host organization?

    ● What are best practices for internship programs?

Read and research as much as possible about the internship industry. There are agencies who have already come out with reports that will give you all the information you need.

As for college credit, it is common that internship programs for college students are always in exchange for college or university credit. While an internship is a learning experience, whether or not educational credit is obtained is strictly between the student and his or her school.

The companies who want to hire international interns may also evaluate your organization. To know your needs and resources, costs and gains, and legal ramifications would avoid you a lot of problems in the future.

Plan and Preparation

The crucial part to make a plan is to create the structure itself. A comprehensive internship program for college students should include information on learning objectives and goals, daily responsibilities, short- and long-term projects, supervisor assignments, evaluation procedures, policies and expectations, and orientation and off-boarding processes, to name the basics. The structure shall also include the midpoint and final evaluation.

After making the plan, the next step is to prepare the company ready for the program. Appointing an internship supervisor and/or mentor is a necessity, and it would ensure your program runs smoothly. undertake the key roles and responsibilities ensures implementation will move forward successfully. Having staff members take ownership of key roles and responsibilities ensures implementation will move forward successfully. It would be more helpful if explaining how an internship program can help your organization reach its objectives, so interns will feel welcome.

Now you are reaching the last step of starting up the program, and could select a start date for interns and carry out the plan!

Implementation of The Plan

After preparation is ready, you can start posting the position on platforms like Talentcir, evaluate candidates, and then interview, select, and hire interns, just as the normal hiring process.

As the hiring process is another complicated issue, please refer to other Talentcir articles to know how the internship visa and the hiring procedure works.

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