How to Make an Attractive Cover Letter?


How to make an attractive cover letter and Resume ? 

There are so many facts that can affect your job application. How to wrie the email for your application . What Subject should you use ? How to avoid your email going to the junk folder? And how to make a good resume to leave an impact on the recruiter. And another very important thing that we need to think about which is A cover letter. 

How to write a good Cover Letter ?

A cover letter is attached with your resume, whenever asked for or out of your own accord. It is a document which includes a more descriptive insight into your skills and qualifications.

The purpose of the letter is mainly to state from your point of view, why you are suitable for the given job in question. Since its purpose is more than just a brief know-how about your career till now, it should be different than your resume. Therefore, do not repeat what’s already in your job resume.

Why should you write a cover letter?

Most of the recruiters want to read the most important information from the simple but clear cover letter about the candidate. And it is also a good way to show your interest in the job opportunity and hence the efforts you put in for the application.

A cover letter lets you narrate what your resume is incapable of doing. There might be open-ended information in your resume which raises questions in return. The cover letter lets you address these questions and help the employer understand your profile better.

A cover letter should contain?

Given all the functions a cover letter supposedly play to enhance your job application, what all should go into it to make it a perfect add-on to your resume? According to the market research, we notice these are the main points and topics that you should put in your cover letter.

Here’s an all-inclusive checklist for you to follow

1. Your contact information

It is important to include your contact information in your cover letter. It includes your correspondence address, permanent address, phone numbers, and e-mail address. If you are sending your cover letter electronically (e-mail), then add all this information in the end, along with the signature.

2. Personalized Account

You can pass on your standard job resume to a number of employers. But it shouldn’t be so with cover letters. A cover letter should have a personalised account of why your career goals sync with that of the job opportunity offered by the recruiter.

Here, you can be innovative and make a difference in how you are better for the job than others who applied for it. Though you should not involve direct comparison, you are free to imply it creatively in your note.

3. Highlight the ups in your career

You can add all your experiences briefly in the resume. In a cover letter, you get to explain how you were an asset to those institutions you worked for. If you have any awards and accolades from your previous jobs and internships, bring them up.

You can add achievements like how you helped increase revenues in your previous company, how your idea(s) was adopted as a norm, how many clients you helped them gain, etc.

Here is an sample of the Cover Letter

24 April 2018

Dear Mr XXX(The one to be addressed, if name available. If not, simply put in ‘To whom it may concern.)

I am writing this in response to your advertisement regarding a managerial opening in your firm. (In case, you for the reference of the job from a mutual contact or somewhere else, mention it. This is the first paragraph; hence the introduction to your qualifications and job role should be mentioned here.)

(Second paragraph should include what you have to offer). Sir, I am absolutely convinced that the job role complete defines and syncs with my career goals. (Further go on to mention why you are suitable for the given job, followed by your achievements, gap years, etc.

(In the next paragraph, keep it brief and talk about your preferences in terms of location, department, and remuneration.) Though I am based in Delhi right now, I am willing to relocate to Bangalore, if the job demands so. Also, it would be great if I could be considered for the opening in the manufacturing unit of your firm. I am expecting a salary of 40,000 INR- 50,000 INR (negotiable).

Thank you for considering my application, I am hoping for a positive response soon.

Yours Sincerely



4. Keep it short and sweet

It may be tempting to include all your skills, high school accolades, internships and more in your résumé, but it’s recommended to keep it brief – especially for fresh graduates.

Recruiters don’t have time to read every single word or browse through every page, and prefer something they can easily scan, so keep it to one page if possible.

Use bullet points instead of lengthy sentences, and keep your biodata as short as possible. There’s no need to add information that an employer isn’t required to know, such as age and marital status.

You can also tailor your information for each job you’re applying for, removing certain achievements that don’t fit, leaving you more space to embellish on the relevant ones.

Use industry keywords

In the digital age of recruitment, many companies use a filtering system that scans your résumé for keywords.

Taking the time to tailor and tweak your résumé to add in industry keywords can help ensure your résumé doesn’t get rejected. If you’re unsure what keywords to use, read the job description carefully and pick some up from there.

But don’t overdo it! Saturating your résumé with keywords will make it look less genuine.

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