IDC Network & Operation Engineer2020-03-06

OverseasFull time job

  • Company:Talentcir
  • Location:Overseas
  • Starting Date:ASAP
  • Compensation: Negotiable
  • Number of positions available: 2
  • IT / Telecommunication


Phone: ******

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A leading IT service and solution provider in China, providing IT implementation, intelligent operation and maintenance, data center, on site service for IT manufacturers, integrators and end customers


1. 服务器专业技术
Server skill
2. 熟悉主流PC服务器配置和架构
Proficiency on mainstream PC server architecture and configuration
3. 熟悉主流PC服务器的安装、部署、故障诊断和排查
Proficiency on mainstream PC server installation, deployment, diagnostic troubleshooting
4. 熟悉Linux配置和故障诊断
Proficiency on Linux config, diagnostic and troubleshooting
5. 至少1年PC服务器维护硬件Linux系统维护经验
At least 1 year PC server maintenance and Linux system maintenance
6. 网络专业技术
Network skill
7. 熟悉至少1种主流网络设备的安装、部署、故障诊断和排查(Cisco和H3C)
Proficiency on at least 1 mainstream network device (Cisco or H3C) installation, deployment, diagnostic troubleshooting
8. 了解TCP/IP协议、网络交换和路由协议
Understand TCP/IP, network exchange and routing protocol
9. 至少1年网络设备运维经验
At least 1 year network device maintenance experience
10. 数据中心机房专业技术 
DataCenter knowledge and skill
11. 了解IDC数据中心的基本基础设施架构, 运维及安全
Understand IDC facility architecture and components, Datacenter facility operation and security 
12. 对数据中心的可用性,可靠性,冗余性有较强的意识
Strong sense on DataCenter availability, redundancy and reliability
13. 综合素质 
General Quality
Strong ownership and commitment to responsibility
Excellent communication skills and coordination ability
Excellent service and work attitude
14. 较强的文档整理技能
Excellent documentation ability
15. 语言能力 
Language proficiency
Proficiency in Chinese Mandarin reading, writing, listening, speaking.
Proficiency in English (or local official language) Reading, writing, listening, speaking


IDC Network & Operation Engineer