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Last October, we held one of our first workshop in Shanghai University. This workshop was all about the visa application in China and especially the internship visa, working visa and entrepreneurship visa. For this occasion, we invited two special guests, Meili from Thinkbook (a local Chinese with more than 7 years of visa working experience in Shanghai) and Joseph from Thinks Business (an Italian with more than 3 years working experience as a foreign market manager). They have shared very detailed information with international students from different universities. 

If you weren’t there, no worries, we have sum up below the most important information you need to know! For the ones who came, we want to thank you for your participation. You will find below the most important information we talked about during the Q&A section.

Q1: How can I apply for the internship visa?

A1: If you are holding a X1 visa and you are doing a degree program, you can apply for an internship permit. You need to get the internship confirmation letter from your internship company and an internship permission letter from your university. 

Internship permit visa sample

Q2 : Can I get a working visa without 2 years working experience?

A2 :  If you are in Shanghai and if your company is in Free Trade Zone, then you can get a working visa without 2 years working experience. If not, the 2 years experience is still a must. You should take a look at the table to check your points situations and see if you can reach the total of 60 points without the 2 years experience. To get the table and the requirements, check the workshop PPT on the bottom of the article.

Q3 : Can I get my non criminal checking record in China if I study in Shanghai?

A3 : Yes, but only if you are employed by a company in a free trade zone or any specific zone that doesn't require a to go back to your home country. 

Q4 :  When applying for a working visa in China, we need a degree, is there any requirements for this degree?

A4 : This degree has to be a BA or above and can be legalised. It doesn't matter if you got it in China or in other countries.

Q5 : Can I register a company if I'm a student here in China?

A5 : Yes, you can register a company in China but you can't run it as you can't pay taxes with a student visa. If you want to run the business you need to transfer to a working visa later. 

Q6 : What do I need to prepare to apply for an entrepreneurship visa in China?

A6 :  1. First passport page

        2. Visa page

        3. Master degree with legalisation

        4. Health check report 

        5. Temporary residence registration form

        6. Business plan

Q7 :  Can I get a job with an X1 visa? 

A7 : You can't work with an X1 visa, but you can get internship permit.

Q8 : Can I get a payment with my internship? Like a salary?

A8 : No, you can't. Companies are not allowed to pay foreign interns since they don’t have a working visa.

Q9 : Can I intern with an X2 visa? 

A9 : You can't. You have to transfer your X2 visa to a X1 visa and then apply for internship permit to work.

Q10 : Can I transfer my visa to other types of visa without exiting China?

A10 : It depends on the nationalities and the type of visa you are applying for. US passport holders can transfer directly from China or if you are a demanded talent with special skills, then yes you can transfer in China as well.

For more questions, please remember to add us and we will add you to our Visa Q&A group. We will answer all the questions there. 

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