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abdullah rilwanu

Nigerian   Now in Ningbo   I’m looking for Fulltime job/Internship  /  2020-02-03


Alima Mory Kamba

DEFAULT_NATIONALITY_7   Now in Others   I’m looking for Internship  /  2020-01-08

Management/Market Research/Public speaking/Event Planning/Custom Service

Aminatou  Kemajou Pofoura

Cameroonian    Now in DEFAULT_LOCATION_7   I’m looking for Internship  /  2020-01-11

Write/Edit/Management/Market Research/Entrepreneurship /Marketing/Sales/Public speaking

Shadrach Sebas

Australian    Now in Shenyang   I’m looking for Fulltime job/Internship  /  2019-12-29


Brazilian    Not in China   I’m looking for Fulltime job/Internship  /  2020-01-09

Management/Entrepreneurship /Custom Service /Engineering /Digitization

Ezinwanne Nnaji

Nigerian   Now in Jinan   I’m looking for Internship  /  2019-12-18

Thato Faith Aaron

South Africa   Now in Wuhan   I’m looking for Fulltime job/Internship  /  2020-01-06

Write/Edit/Translating/Management/Entrepreneurship /Public speaking/Mandarin

Nathalie  TINAKA

Others   Now in Beijing   I’m looking for Fulltime job/Internship  /  2020-01-06

Entrepreneurship /Marketing/Sales/Photoshop/AI/UI/French/Mandarin/Event Planning

Yassine El Jabri

French   Not in China   I’m looking for Internship  /  2020-01-06

Write/Edit/Translating/Management/Market Research/Entrepreneurship /Marketing/Sales

Mats Petersen

German   Now in Shanghai   I’m looking for Internship  /  2020-01-02

Write/Edit/Market Research/Marketing/Sales/German/Business Strategy /Accounting